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was established in 1992 as a supplier of high quality 94% brightness limestone for the Japanese and Indonesian paper industries. In 1998 the company acquired a dolomitic limestone hill and commenced production on dolomite related products.


, a leading manufacturer of ground magnesium limestone powder in Malaysia, owns 10 acres of quarry hill containing 6 million m/tons of deposits above ground level. The site is located in Simpang Pulai, Ipoh, Perak.

The crushing plant allows for a monthly capacity of 20,000 m/tons of dolomite stones, while the pulverizing and milling plant produces 9,000 m/tons of powder per month. Britestone produces a variety of dolomitic limestone products primarily for use in agricultural and glass manufacturing plants in Malaysia.

With 24 years of successful operations, the company sells its products to a loyal and well established network of distributors, including most of the major fertilizer manufacturers and oil palm estate owners in Malaysia.

In addition to dolomite mining, the company is involved in the extraction of limestone, producing rocks for the paper industry, animal feed products and as cement filler.

With years of product testing, our products are based upon a philosophy of complete soil restoration at competitive prices and easy to apply formulations.

As the owner of a dolomite hill, our products satisfy our customers with quality, secure raw materials at competitive cost.


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